Weekly Writing Wrap-Up: February 20 – 26

Welcome to my Weekly Writing Wrap-Up for the week.

Total Word Count for the Week: 7,566

Top Writing Day: My top writing day was Friday with 1,325 words.

What I Worked On: I worked on Hunger Games fanfiction, my novel, and editing Snow.

The Good News: I finished editing Chapter 11 of Snow!

The Bad News: I’m struggling with how much detail I should put in my WIP.

Lesson Learned: My friend offered to read through Snow for me. I’m pretty excited to see what she thinks of my story, and I’m eager to make the story even better! 🙂 So, my lesson learned will be learning to work with an editor and learning how to make my story even better!

Goal for Next Week: My goal is to edit the next chapter of Snow and write at least 1000 words in my novel.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla

An Interesting Word – Quinzee

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick of snow. Where I live, it’s been an incredibly snowy month and very, very cold. However, as winter doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon, it’s time to think of new things to do with all this snow. Well, one thing you can do with snow is build a quinzee. The first step in building one is to figure out what it is! 🙂

According to dictionary.com, a quinzee is “a hut built out of snow, a combination of an igloo and a snow cave.” It can be spelled either “quinzee” or “quinzhee,” and it’s pronounced “kwin-zee.” It’s basically a shelter made from hollowing out a snow pile. The word itself came from the Athabaskan Native Americans.

A quinzee (courtesy: Wikipedia)

A quinzee (courtesy: Wikipedia)

These quinzees can actually be warmer than a tent if built right! I found a video of a few guys building one of these on YouTube. It’s really cool how big you can make these shelters!

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla

Quote of the Week

Today’s quote comes from Paul Rudnick, author of the play I Hate Hamlet. Why is it that writing brings out the procrastinator in me? I’ll procrastinate until I only have ten minutes left, and then I’ll finally start writing. Of course, that’s when I always have the best ideas and not the time to finish them! Do you have this problem, too?

“As a writer, I need an enormous amount of time alone. Writing is 90 percent procrastination: reading magazines, eating cereal out of the box, watching infomercials. It’s a matter of doing everything you can to avoid writing, until you reach the point where you have to write. Having anyone watching that or attempting to share it with me would be grisly.” – Paul Rudnick

~ Kayla

The Doctor and Thales – Part 4

Uh-oh! Last week, the Doctor told Thales about the solar eclipse before he was supposed to know about it. Now, the Doctor and Arley try to fix their mistake. Read on to find out what they decide to do!

Thales looked at both of us. “Will someone please explain what is going on? What is this solar eclipse?”

The Doctor and I exchanged looks. “Well, you told him about the solar eclipse,” I pointed out with a shrug.

“You don’t have to rub it in!” protested the Doctor.

“I’ll go get the moon,” I grinned.

The Doctor put his hand on Thales’s shoulder. “I have something to show you.” He led Thales into the TARDIS, and Thales’s eyes lit up.

“Is this your magical machine you were telling me so much about last time you visited?” Thales eyes were huge as he spun around, taking in the alien interior of the TARDIS.

The Doctor smiled. “Yes, and it’s – ”

“Bigger on the inside!” Thales ran out the door.

“This could take a while,” I remarked, opening a pack of jammy dodgers and offering one to the Doctor.

“It always does,” he said, choosing a cookie. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” I smiled, biting into my cookie.

Thales ran back in. “It’s really bigger on the – ”

“Inside!” the Doctor grinned, grabbing another jammy dodger out of the package. “Thales, let me show you something.” He fished his sonic screwdriver out of his pocket. “The moon’s shadow is going to cross in front of the sun, making everything dark.” He passed the jammy dodger in front of the sonic screwdriver, blocking the light out.

Thales nodded. “And that’s a solar eclipse?”

“Exactly!” the Doctor spun around, and sat the jammy dodger down, grabbing the scanner and pulling it over. “Now, let me show you how it works. Scientifically and without the biscuit.”

I knew I was supposed to be paying attention, but all this scientific talk bored me. I reached out to grab my glass of milk I’d left sitting on the console and saw a jammy dodger floating in it. I wrinkled my nose and fished it out, sitting it on a napkin.

“And the moon, that was the biscuit?” Thales asked.

“Exactly!” praised the Doctor. “This biscuit right here!” He grabbed the milk sodden jammy dodger, which crumbled into a mushy mess on his hand. “The moon’s a bit soggy.” He started to put his hand in his mouth, and I shook my head, wrinkling my nose. He wiped his hand on his pants, and looked at Thales. “So, do you understand?”

“Let’s see…this heavenly event will occur during a battle between the Lydians and the Medes, correct? And a solar eclipse is when the moon’s shadow blocks out the light from the sun?” Thales summarized.

“Exactly!” the Doctor grinned at him. “And that, Arley, is how you predict a solar eclipse!”

“You mean you travel back in time and mess with history?” I teased.

“Exactly!” He grinned back.

Thanks for reading! The last part will be up next week.

~ Kayla

Weekly Writing Wrap-Up: February 13 – 19

Welcome to my Weekly Writing Wrap-Up for the week!

Total Word Count for the Week: 7,452

Top Writing Day: My top writing day was Thursday with 1,350 words.

What I Worked On: I worked on Hunger Games fanfiction, my novel, and editing Snow.

The Good News: I finished editing Chapter 10 of Snow, and I wrote every day this week!

The Bad News: I’ve had a hard time keeping a section in my novel moving along.

Lesson Learned: I’ve hit the dreaded middle section of the novel. It’s too early to move into the next set of scenes, but this set is out of gas. I’ve never had this problem before while writing. So my lesson learned is the ongoing lesson of how to work through the dreaded middle section!

Goal for Next Week: My goal is to edit the next chapter of Snow and write at least 1000 words in my novel.

Any ideas or suggestions about how to keep a story moving? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla

Character Names – Wyn and Patrin

Last month, I shared my main characters’ names, Tay and Mishael, from my current WIP. Today, I’m sharing two of my minor characters’ names. Feel free to use these names, but remember, I had them first! 🙂

Wyn can be a girl’s or a guy’s name. I’m using it for my girl character. It’s Welsh and comes from the word gwyn, meaning “blessed, or fair” according to Behind the Name. It can also be spelled Wynn or Wynne. In my story, Wyn is one of the only people who befriends Tay in her town. She’s tough and a strong fighter.

Patrin is a boy’s name, pronounced either “pa-trin” or “pat-r-in.” It’s a rare Gypsy name that means “leaf trail.” I was looking for a name for Tay’s little brother on my favorite name site, Nameberry.com, and found this one. I thought it was pretty unusual and really cool sounding, so I decided to use it.

What do you think of these names? Would you use them for your characters? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Kayla

Quote of the Week

Today’s quote comes from Darcy Pattison, author of 19 Girls and Me. I’m revising my novel Snow, and one of the things I’ve been working on is making every scene as interesting and exciting as possible.

“The function of the first draft is to help you figure out your story. The function of every draft after that is to figure out the most dramatic way to tell the story.” – Darcy Pattison

~ Kayla

The Doctor and Thales – Part 3

In the last part of my Doctor Who fanfiction, the Doctor, Thales, and my OC, Arley, were discussing how to predict a solar eclipse. Find out this week how the Doctor and Arley change history. 🙂

I sighed, and looked over at the Doctor. “I’m still not entirely sure how you predict a solar eclipse.”

The Doctor shook his head. “Why don’t I just show you? We’ll travel back in time and watch Thales in action!”

Thales tucked his papers back in his robe, with a smile. “I guess I’ll be seeing you then, Doctor.”

“I’ll be seeing you again in just a few moments,” the Doctor grinned. “Wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey and all that stuff. By the way, when did you make this prediction?”

Thales thought for a moment. “Why, I do believe it was last summer. Yes, yes it was. I remember it was a particularly warm day that I made that prediction!”

“Date set,” I smiled at the Doctor, my hand resting on the lever.

Thales looked at us, and opened the TARDIS door. “Farewell, Arley and the Doctor!”

The Doctor waved, and slammed the door shut just as an arrow splintered into the wood. “Let’s get out of this battlefield before they ruin my TARDIS!”

I yanked the lever and the TARDIS groaned and shook until the Doctor flipped a switch. “You forgot the stabilizers this time.”

“I did remember how to set the date, so we’re going to count it as a win,” I shot back, grinning.

The TARDIS materialized, and I ran over to open the doors. “Hopefully there are no spears this time.”

The Doctor followed me out into the warm sun. “Whew! Thales was right, it’s hot!” I complained, rolling up the sleeves of my sweatshirt.

The Doctor yanked off his jacket and slung it over his shoulder. “Thales!” he called to the man across the courtyard.

Thales’s parchments went scattering across the stones. “Doctor!”

“Hello, Thales,” the Doctor smiled, offering a hand to the man. “This is Arley…”

“Hello!” I waved with a grin.

“…and we, well, she was wondering how you predicted your solar eclipse!”

Thales sighed. “Doctor, I’m happy to have found you.” He started gathering up his papers. “I know something important is going to happen next year in the heavens. I just can’t figure out what!”

“Wait. You don’t know about the solar—” I started to say, but the Doctor clamped his hand over my mouth.

“SHHH! Thales doesn’t know about the solar eclipse yet,” the Doctor hissed in my ear. “We can’t ruin the timeline and tell him! He has to find out for himself!”

“What’s this about a solar eclipse?” Thales asked.

“Oh, it’s just what’s going to happen in the heavens in a year,” the Doctor said brightly.

I hit his arm. “You just said not to tell him!”

“Oops!” the Doctor covered his own mouth. “Forget I mentioned anything about a solar eclipse in a year from now during a battle between the Lydians and the Medes.”

“So much for history,” I sighed.

Thanks for reading! Part 4 will be up next week. 🙂

~ Kayla

Weekly Writing Wrap-Up: February 6 – 12

Welcome to my Weekly Writing Wrap-Up for the week!

Total Word Count for the Week: 6,566

Top Writing Day: My top writing day was Tuesday with 1,023 words.

What I Worked On: I worked on Hunger Games fanfiction, my novel, and editing Snow.

The Good News: I finished editing my chapter of Snow and started editing Chapter 10! I’m working on editing/revising a chapter of Snow a week, and I’m actually ahead this week. 🙂

The Bad News: I didn’t get to write every day this week like I wanted.

Lesson Learned: I’ve been trying to make sure I edit a little every day and write at least 600 words in my novel. I’ve been doing pretty well sticking to my goal. This week, due to two busy days, I missed writing twice. 😛 I’m disappointed that I didn’t make my goal, however, I feel like I made a good effort. Even though I didn’t write, I still made my overall goal of writing more. My lesson learned is that sometimes the effort is more important than the actual numbers.

Goal for Next Week: My goal is to edit this next chapter of Snow and write at least 1000 words in my novel.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla

One Last Time Tag

Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Tolkien, and when I was tagged to do this quiz about The Hobbit movies, I knew this was going to be today’s post! A huge thanks to Angie over at her amazing blog, A Touch of Randomness, for tagging me!

For this tag, there are four rules to follow:

1. You have to be tagged in order to do it.

2. You have to tag and notify at least three bloggers.

3. Answer the questions!

4. You must have seen The Battle of The Five Armies before taking this quiz.

I’m going to start with answering the questions!

1. Tell your story of how you came to see the movies or got into Tolkien in the first place.

Well, both my mom and I were sick for two weeks at one point, and we decided to watch The Lord of the Rings movies. I think I was around 10 or 11. I had no clue what was going on when I saw them the first time! However, after playing The Lord of the Rings LEGO game and becoming more familiar with the characters, I went back, watched them again, and fell in love with Middle-Earth. 🙂 I read the books two summers ago in about a week. They were amazing!

2. Who are your three favorite characters in the Hobbit? 

Fili, Kili, and Thorin, the three members of the majestic Line of Durin!

3. Did you cry at the Battle of the Five armies, and if so, which scenes and what type? 

Of course I cried! I teared up when Dwalin told Thorin that he wasn’t the same dwarf anymore, and then I was shaking and crying when we got to Fili’s death. The silent crying didn’t stop until the end when the credits came on, and then the tears really started to fall.

4. Were the death’s compelling to you, and if so, who’s?

I was torn. I was very disappointed that they didn’t die together like they did in the book. However, I did like Thorin’s death, especially his speech to Bilbo. Still, they should have died together, not separately, and Kili shouldn’t have died with Tauriel!

5. Overall, were you satisfied with the movie itself?

I was. Despite all the complaints and changes, Peter Jackson’s done a great job bringing Tolkien’s books to life, and I’ll always be grateful for that!

6. Describe the movie in one word.

Finally, I nominate:

Bessie Lark

Alyssa from A Converse Epiphany

Jennifer K. Marsh

Inspiring Ink’lings

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla