The Doctor and Thales – Part 3

In the last part of my Doctor Who fanfiction, the Doctor, Thales, and my OC, Arley, were discussing how to predict a solar eclipse. Find out this week how the Doctor and Arley change history. 🙂

I sighed, and looked over at the Doctor. “I’m still not entirely sure how you predict a solar eclipse.”

The Doctor shook his head. “Why don’t I just show you? We’ll travel back in time and watch Thales in action!”

Thales tucked his papers back in his robe, with a smile. “I guess I’ll be seeing you then, Doctor.”

“I’ll be seeing you again in just a few moments,” the Doctor grinned. “Wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey and all that stuff. By the way, when did you make this prediction?”

Thales thought for a moment. “Why, I do believe it was last summer. Yes, yes it was. I remember it was a particularly warm day that I made that prediction!”

“Date set,” I smiled at the Doctor, my hand resting on the lever.

Thales looked at us, and opened the TARDIS door. “Farewell, Arley and the Doctor!”

The Doctor waved, and slammed the door shut just as an arrow splintered into the wood. “Let’s get out of this battlefield before they ruin my TARDIS!”

I yanked the lever and the TARDIS groaned and shook until the Doctor flipped a switch. “You forgot the stabilizers this time.”

“I did remember how to set the date, so we’re going to count it as a win,” I shot back, grinning.

The TARDIS materialized, and I ran over to open the doors. “Hopefully there are no spears this time.”

The Doctor followed me out into the warm sun. “Whew! Thales was right, it’s hot!” I complained, rolling up the sleeves of my sweatshirt.

The Doctor yanked off his jacket and slung it over his shoulder. “Thales!” he called to the man across the courtyard.

Thales’s parchments went scattering across the stones. “Doctor!”

“Hello, Thales,” the Doctor smiled, offering a hand to the man. “This is Arley…”

“Hello!” I waved with a grin.

“…and we, well, she was wondering how you predicted your solar eclipse!”

Thales sighed. “Doctor, I’m happy to have found you.” He started gathering up his papers. “I know something important is going to happen next year in the heavens. I just can’t figure out what!”

“Wait. You don’t know about the solar—” I started to say, but the Doctor clamped his hand over my mouth.

“SHHH! Thales doesn’t know about the solar eclipse yet,” the Doctor hissed in my ear. “We can’t ruin the timeline and tell him! He has to find out for himself!”

“What’s this about a solar eclipse?” Thales asked.

“Oh, it’s just what’s going to happen in the heavens in a year,” the Doctor said brightly.

I hit his arm. “You just said not to tell him!”

“Oops!” the Doctor covered his own mouth. “Forget I mentioned anything about a solar eclipse in a year from now during a battle between the Lydians and the Medes.”

“So much for history,” I sighed.

Thanks for reading! Part 4 will be up next week. 🙂

~ Kayla


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