The Doctor and Thales – Part 4

Uh-oh! Last week, the Doctor told Thales about the solar eclipse before he was supposed to know about it. Now, the Doctor and Arley try to fix their mistake. Read on to find out what they decide to do!

Thales looked at both of us. “Will someone please explain what is going on? What is this solar eclipse?”

The Doctor and I exchanged looks. “Well, you told him about the solar eclipse,” I pointed out with a shrug.

“You don’t have to rub it in!” protested the Doctor.

“I’ll go get the moon,” I grinned.

The Doctor put his hand on Thales’s shoulder. “I have something to show you.” He led Thales into the TARDIS, and Thales’s eyes lit up.

“Is this your magical machine you were telling me so much about last time you visited?” Thales eyes were huge as he spun around, taking in the alien interior of the TARDIS.

The Doctor smiled. “Yes, and it’s – ”

“Bigger on the inside!” Thales ran out the door.

“This could take a while,” I remarked, opening a pack of jammy dodgers and offering one to the Doctor.

“It always does,” he said, choosing a cookie. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” I smiled, biting into my cookie.

Thales ran back in. “It’s really bigger on the – ”

“Inside!” the Doctor grinned, grabbing another jammy dodger out of the package. “Thales, let me show you something.” He fished his sonic screwdriver out of his pocket. “The moon’s shadow is going to cross in front of the sun, making everything dark.” He passed the jammy dodger in front of the sonic screwdriver, blocking the light out.

Thales nodded. “And that’s a solar eclipse?”

“Exactly!” the Doctor spun around, and sat the jammy dodger down, grabbing the scanner and pulling it over. “Now, let me show you how it works. Scientifically and without the biscuit.”

I knew I was supposed to be paying attention, but all this scientific talk bored me. I reached out to grab my glass of milk I’d left sitting on the console and saw a jammy dodger floating in it. I wrinkled my nose and fished it out, sitting it on a napkin.

“And the moon, that was the biscuit?” Thales asked.

“Exactly!” praised the Doctor. “This biscuit right here!” He grabbed the milk sodden jammy dodger, which crumbled into a mushy mess on his hand. “The moon’s a bit soggy.” He started to put his hand in his mouth, and I shook my head, wrinkling my nose. He wiped his hand on his pants, and looked at Thales. “So, do you understand?”

“Let’s see…this heavenly event will occur during a battle between the Lydians and the Medes, correct? And a solar eclipse is when the moon’s shadow blocks out the light from the sun?” Thales summarized.

“Exactly!” the Doctor grinned at him. “And that, Arley, is how you predict a solar eclipse!”

“You mean you travel back in time and mess with history?” I teased.

“Exactly!” He grinned back.

Thanks for reading! The last part will be up next week.

~ Kayla


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