Things This Writer Has Googled

When you need to know something, the place to go, of course, is Google. As a writer, sometimes I need to know some crazy things. Like why-haven’t-I-been-put-on-some-FBI-watch-list crazy kinds of things. (Please don’t tell the authorities I’m up to no good. I promise that I’m just a writer. 🙂 ) Well, not all of my searches involve weapons or government secrets, but none of these are your typical search terms.

1. How to knock someone out with a lamp

2. How can two people ride together on a horse with one saddle?

3. Icelandic Christmas traditions

4. How to hide from drones

5. Can you sleep in a tree?

6. What does squirrel meat taste like?

7. What does it feel like to have your hand frozen?

8. Can you cut your hair with a knife?

9. How to start a fire with a knife

10. Are throwing stars impractical weapons?

11. Why would a hospital keep you overnight?

12. Scottish castle names

13. Do they have graham crackers in England?

14. House plans of the 1940s

15. What do drones sound like?

16. Are there hurricanes in Alaska?

17. Can you eat gold?

18. How to throw knives

19. How to carry someone while swimming

20. Did they have jeans in the 1960s?

My friend Melody, who is also a writer, has searched one of my favorite Google searches of all time. Her character, Kaiden, said, “I’m slower than a snail in snow.” No one knew if snails were actually slow in snow, so she searched, “Are snails really slow in snow?”

What are some of your favorite craziest searches? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

~ Kayla


5 thoughts on “Things This Writer Has Googled

  1. I never search crazy writer things on Google, mainly because all the time I imagine creepy dudes in suits tracking all I do on the internet. xD And besides, I almost never write anything that needs research. But the weirdest thing I ever Googled was “Baptist churches in London.” The information was important for my NaNo novel. xD (Although I don’t remember if I used the information I found or not.)

    • I write Doctor Who fanfiction, so I’ve had some crazy searches about British words or whether they have something over in Britain. Never had to know about Baptist churches in London before, though!

  2. For most things I imagine what it’s like, and for history I’m pretty well versed. But one NaNo I wanted to have a character die of tuberculosis in 2011. I needed to make sure that was still a possibility, and was googling all kinds of weird things about tuberculosis.

  3. Hahahaha… Awesome list! I’ve googled things like “poison that gives you a stomachache” and “how do you google something”, but nothing super interesting. Not exactly google, but in one of my classes, we were goofing around, and one of my classmates asked Siri “Do you love me?” (Answer: “Let’s just be friends, okay?”) and “Where can I hide a dead body?”… The scary thing is that she gave him a serious answer to the second one…

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