My Online Writing Class

On Tuesday, I posted my narrative essay I wrote for my online writing class. I mentioned how much I’ve been enjoying the class and how much it’s helped me, and so, today, I thought I would explain a little bit more about it.

I’ve always disliked writing non-fiction and found that it’s really hard for me to write. I struggle with making sure my points flow logically, and I tend to jump to conclusions without explanation. I also have a hard time looking at my writing from a reader’s point of view and editing in general.

I’m homeschooled, so for years, it was just my mom and I working on my papers. We tended to butt heads a lot, and I always felt like I could never meet her standards for a good paper. This year, she decided to avoid the fights altogether and have me take an online class.

I don’t remember where she found Fortuigence, but I’m glad she did, because it’s been a great class for me. I really like my instructor, Ms. I. I submit my work on the class website, and she emails me with both positive feedback and changes that would make my writing better. Whenever I email her with a question, she always gets right back to me.

It’s funny because Ms. I is always so impressed with my writing. I feel like I can meet Ms. I’s standards and that helps me to do better. I love the five-step writing process they have set up for the class, because it breaks the essay down into manageable portions that I feel like I can handle. I have four different essays I have to write for the class. The first, a personal narrative essay, I just posted on my blog. I recently finished working on the persuasive paper, and I’m brainstorming on my new essay, textual analysis. My final essay of the year is an expository essay.

Even though I’m enjoying my class, I still don’t really like writing essays. However, I feel like I’ve learned a lot and that it’s something I can do now. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla


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