The 777 Writing Challenge

A fellow blogger, Jennifer K. Marsh, tagged me in the 777 Writing Challenge, so today I’m completing the challenge. 🙂

The rules are simple. I need to go to page 7 in my WIP, find line 7, and then share the next 7 lines. After I do that, I have to tag 7 other bloggers to do the same.

My WIP is currently untitled and very rough. It’s a dystopian novel in which a girl named Tay breaks the number one rule of her town. Breaking Rule 1 is considered a capital crime. Instead of being executed immediately, those convicted must serve as scouts, patrolling the woods and protecting the town against invaders. No scout survives for very long. This scene is where Misha and his father meet for the first time after Misha is sentenced.

Of course. Scouts aren’t allowed by themselves in the town.

Along with my father, there’s an older, meaner looking version of Misha, who I can only assume is his father, standing opposite us. I glance over at Misha and see the confident smile gone from his face.

“Mishael!” comes the shout, as the older man grabs Misha’s arm and jerks him over.

I start walking over to my father, when I hear a sickening sound beside me. I jerk my head up, just in time to see the man give Misha a solid punch to the face. I wince at the sound of the man’s screamed curses at both his son and the guards as they hand him the papers to sign for Misha’s temporary release. “You worthless idiot! You allowed yourself to be caught!” Misha doesn’t even look up, his brown hair covering his face.

The next part is to tag 7 bloggers who have WIPs. I didn’t exactly have 7. Sorry about that!


Like Star Filled Skies

Bessie Lark


Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla


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