Infinity Dreams Award – Part 1

Today I’m accepting one of the coolest named awards ever. A big thank you to Bessie Lark for nominating me for the Infinity Dreams award over at her blog. Let’s get started! 🙂


The rules are simple. First, I have to thank Bessie Lark for the award and follow her blog, both of which I’ve already done. 🙂 Then I have to list 11 facts about myself and answer Bessie Lark’s 11 questions. After that, I nominate whoever hasn’t been nominated before and ask them 11 questions. Since this involves a ton of questions, I thought it’d be best to split up this post into two separate days. The second half will be on Thursday. 🙂

All right, here are 11 random facts about myself!

1. I have several houseplants, and they have all been named after characters in The Hunger Games.

2. My three favorite things to do are writing, drawing, and ice skating.

3. For the first time this year, I’m able to wear shorts and that makes me exceedingly happy! I love warm weather. 😀

4. Despite owning two cats, I am mildly allergic to them.

5. I like rainy days.

6. However, I hate thunderstorms.

7. I have never flown anywhere.

8. I get motion sick very easily. We’re talking sick-on-an-escalator kind of motion sick.

9. My favorite number is a googol, which is a 1 followed by 100 zeros. I first heard of this number when I was in second grade and watched an educational math program called Ms. Infinity’s Math Mansion.

10. In the smartphone world, I prefer Android to Apple.

11. I want to visit Cardiff, Wales and go to the Doctor Who Experience there. 🙂

Now for 4 of Bessie Lark’s 11 questions:

1. What is one of your favorite/craziest/worst dreams you’ve ever had? (You can answer as many as you want and/or as apply.)

Well, when I was little (I think I was 3), I had a vivid nightmare where koala bears dressed in police uniforms were arresting me and my family outside of our house. I was terrified of koala bears for months after that! Thankfully, I haven’t had any more nightmares about them. A favorite dream of mine is the one I had of running from an insane Legolas who was trying to shoot me.

2. Have you ever met any well-known people (even if this is just well-known in your general area)?

I met Buddy Davis, from Answers in Genesis when we visited the Creation Museum. It was really cool since I’d grown up watching his DVDs. My dad actually met Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, when they were filming The Avengers. Unknowingly, my dad was staying at the same hotel Chris Hemsworth was, and they met in the hotel restaurant and talked for a while. The funny thing was my dad, who has no interest in actors/actresses, had no idea who he was. I was younger and didn’t know who he was either until we later watched the Avengers and Thor and figured out that my dad had actually met a superhero. 😉

3. What is your middle name (no I’m not stealing it! I’m just borrowing it, you might say)?

My middle name is Lanae. When I was born, my mom had already picked out my first name. but hadn’t decided on my middle name. She was still deciding when the nurse came over with the birth certificate. The nurse said that she liked “Lanae” best as a middle name, and so my mom went with it!

4. Would you rather be able to go into any picture and walk around in that world, or go into any fictional world at a time where the characters you know of are either dead or not born yet?

I would rather be able to go into any picture and walk around in that world. See, my plan is that I could walk around in the illustrations from my favorite books and movies and hopefully run into my favorite characters. 😉

Thanks for reading! Part 2 will be up Thursday.

~ Kayla

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