The Blogs I Read – Part 2

Last Tuesday, I listed five of the blogs I read. Today I’m sharing the next part with five more blogs I love reading. 🙂

6. The Nailasaurus

I can’t decide what I like more – her awesome nail designs or her blog’s name! This UK nail blog has some of the best freehand nail art I’ve ever seen. She’s also created several cool nail techniques that look absolutely amazing. My favorite post: The Lacquer Legion Fandom: Avengers Nail Art 

7. Adam Young

I think everyone knows by now I’m a huge fan of Owl City/Adam Young. So, it only makes sense that I would love his blog as well. When I first found it, I stayed up waaaaay too late reading through all his posts. From Bible verses to his completely random thoughts to music announcements, I’m always excited when I see one of his posts in my reader. My favorite post: And then somehow this happened… 

8. Ice Mom’s Adventures in Figure Skating

Don’t you hate it when you find an awesome blog, but sadly, they stopped posting? Well, I found this blog a few months ago, and I’ve read through it twice, but sadly, it’s now inactive. I decided to include it in my list anyway because I’ve found her blog both really helpful and entertaining. My favorite post: How-to: Buy figure skates

9. The Story Sanctuary

I’ve mentioned this blog before in a Monthly Link Share, but I decided to list it here because it’s been such a great resource. Her reviews are awesome, and it’s really helped me find good, clean books to enjoy! This is where I first heard about The Maze Runner, and now it’s one of my very favorite books/series. My favorite post: Enter the Maze

10. Character Names Galore

I love names, and I’m always looking for new names for my characters, and this blog has been a wonderful place to search for them! She always has the most unusual names, and I love that she’s done a few Tolkien names as well. My favorite post: Lael

What are your favorite blogs? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

~ Kayla


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