Snow – Chapter 2 – Part 3

I’ve been posting chapter 2 of my novel, Snow, for the past couple weeks, and you can read the last part here. I’ve mentioned before that Snow is a Katari, a genetically enhanced race that has power over nature. Kataris can lose control of their power when they feel angry and/or threatened. In this part, all of Snow’s pent up rage allows us to see her power for the first time.

I’ll bury her here. I kneel down in the snow, and use my bare hands to scoop it away, making a hollow for her body. Even though my hands are covered in frost, I don’t feel the cold, only the dampness from the melting flakes. The hollow now deep enough, I tip the sled over and let her roll into it.

“Goodbye, Kiska,” I whisper. I start hunting for rocks, piling one after another on the sled I’m dragging behind me. Soon it becomes almost too heavy for me to pull. I drag it back over to where I left Kiska, pile the rocks around her, and then go out to look for more. When I finish completely covering her body, I just kneel there.

Tears start to wet my cheeks, like the snow melting on my hands. My bare fingers dig into the snow, squeezing it tightly, as if I can let out all of my pain that way. Without warning anger begins to bubble up inside of me, leaving me gasping with the rage I’m feeling.

“I hate them! I hate NAUFA! I hate what they’ve done to me!” Once I’ve started, I can’t stop the torrent of angry words pouring out. I fling down the globs of slush I’m now holding. I scoop white powder into a ball and then stand up, flinging the snowball that explodes into a poof of white on a nearby tree. I fling another one at the trees, my hands trembling from anger.

“I hate them!” My shout rings out through the forest, and I fling my hands down at the same moment. As I do, there’s a tingling in my hands, and then a flurry of blue appears from my fingertips.

I stare where the blue cloud dispersed, wondering what just happened, slowly lifting up my shaking hands. They’re tinged a light blue and there are glittering blue ice crystals stuck to my fingertips. Suddenly, I remember what Finley said. “You’re one of them.” Just what does “one of them” mean? Was I just imagining it?

“Stop it, Snow. You’re being silly.” I try to keep my voice calm as I quickly brush off the blue ice. “You know better than to trust NAUFA. It’s nothing, just the light.”

I look down at the mound of stones one last time and then turn away, wrapping my hand in the leather strap of the sled as I start trudging through the white powder back to the village. The walk seems shorter this way, and I’m grateful. I don’t want to be alone anymore.

I reach home, and pull the door open, stamping the snow out of my boots. I pull them off and sit them by the door.

“Dad, I’m home.” My voice sounds empty and hollow as I walk into his room.

Dad smiles a bit, seeing me. “Snow. I need to talk to you.”

I nod and move closer. “I’m here. Do you need anything?”

“No, no.” He winces slightly, shifting in bed, looking up at me. “I’ve thought things through. Get your bag. You’re leaving.”

Thanks for reading! Part 4 will be up next week.

~ Kayla


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