Snow – Chapter 2 – Part 4

Last week in part 3, Snow’s dad told her that she was leaving. In this part, we find out what he meant by that and if he planned to turn Snow over to NAUFA. In my first draft, this scene didn’t even exist as Snow went with Finley almost right away. Originally, I made the kidnap scene short because I was in a hurry to get Snow out of the village and onto her training and learning about her powers, which I was much more excited about writing!

“Leave?” My trembling voice is barely audible. “With the soldiers?” He’s really going hand me over to NAUFA.

“No.” Dad shakes his head. “I want you to escape from the village.”

I instantly relax a bit, letting out a breath, filled with relief that I’m not being turned over to them. Then the words sink in. “Escape?”

“Yes. You’ve lived in these woods all your life, evading the drones.” Dad shifts in bed, obviously in pain. “NAUFA can use all the helicopters and soldiers they want to try and track you, and they wouldn’t stand a chance.” He gives me a proud smile, which quickly fades into a grimace.

“What about Northolt? I can’t leave you to deal with NAUFA by yourselves.” I grip the edge of his nightstand tightly as if I could hang onto my home and my life that way. I almost don’t believe he actually wants me to run.

“We’ll be okay. We’ve been through worse.” Dad looks up at me. “We’ve been dealing with NAUFA long before you were born, Snow. We’ll get through this. Don’t worry about the village, just go.” Dad gives me a stern look, before it dissolves into a warm one. “I want you to be safe.” He gives me an almost sad smile, reaching out to grip my hand.

“I made a deal with them. I said I’d go. I’d be going back on my promise.” The words come tumbling out.

Dad shakes his head a bit. “He forced you into making that promise. It doesn’t count. I won’t have my daughter stolen from me. When it’s safe, you can come back.”

And if it’s never safe for me again? I don’t dare ask the question, because I have a feeling I know the answer.

Instead of asking my question, I manage to force the words, “What about you?” out of my mouth.

“I’ll be fine. Go, Snow.” Dad takes my hand in his for a moment. “You need to go now. He gave you four hours. It’s been three already. Get as far away from here as you can, hear me?” Dad’s voice is stern.

“All right. I’ll go.” With these words, I grip my Dad’s hand for a moment longer and then step out of the room to grab the few things I’ll need.

Thanks for reading! Part 5 will be up next week.

~ Kayla


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