Introducing Charming – Part 1

It’s four days until NaNoWriMo! I’ve been excited for this year’s NaNo for months now. I haven’t wanted to work on anything other than this novel, and now, in four days, I finally get a chance to write it!

My NaNo novel is called Ella’s Cinders, and it’s a dystopian Cinderella story about a girl named Ella Cinder, who gets swept up into the world of the Elites, who are the rich and famous celebrities whose rule keeps the rest of the citizens in submission.

Of course, no Cinderella story would be complete without a Prince Charming. Today, I thought I’d introduce the prince of my story, who is known by his stage name of Charming. He’s Ella’s fellow singer, arrogant, full of himself, and anything but the perfect prince. In fact, at the beginning of the story, Ella can’t stand him.

Since I couldn’t get this bit of backstory out of my head, I decided to write it down from Charming’s point of view. So, without further ado, meet my new character!

The scream dies in my throat as the lights flash and the drums crash for the last time. Then suddenly, everything goes quiet as the stage is plunged into darkness. With one final explosion of noise, the spotlight is on me again, and I lift my arm up, making a fist, the lights sparkling off the silver bands that encircle my wrists.

At that moment, the crowd goes wild, and I can’t stop the grin spreading across my face. I toss my head and flip the mop of sweaty black-brown hair out of my eyes, looking out over the people gathered in front of me.

“Thank you all for coming!” My shout only riles them up more, but I don’t mind.

I half-run, half-skip to the front of the stage, and wave to the crowd, bending down to high-five a row of teenaged girls not much younger than me in the front, and then standing up to blow kisses to the rest of the audience. The girls scream and look like they might swoon, an effect I tend to have on my fans. I’m trying my best not to grin at the fact they’re all screaming for me, something I still haven’t got used to even after three years of touring.

My dress shoes clatter across the all black stage, the only color coming from red, glittering holograms that spell out the letters of my stage name: Charming Prince. The label said it was too pretentious, but I told them that I was only being truthful, so they finally gave in and let me keep it. After all, I am their hottest teenaged superstar.

The crowd’s still cheering as I straighten my red tie and do an exaggerated bow, playfully sweeping my arm out like a real prince bowing to a fine lady.

“Thank you again for coming! I love you all and I’ll come back soon!” I clear my throat best I can, ignoring the fact that my vocal cords feel like they’re burning.

I kiss both of my hands and wave to them, enjoying their calls of “Encore! Encore!” as I step through the black hologram that’s my version of an old-fashioned curtain. With a ripple, the calls and screams from the crowd are instantly gone to be replaced with a round of applause from my crew who have been waiting for me to step off stage.

I do another exaggerated bow to them, grinning as one of the new girls runs up, giggling, and drapes a towel over my shoulders. I give her a wink and she instantly blushes, running back over to the makeup table.

“Charming, my boy!”

I burry my face in the towel, wiping some of the sweat and makeup off my face, glancing up as Davis, my agent appears.

He claps me on the back, giving me a smile. “Another outstanding performance!”

I grin and nod, pushing back my dripping hair.

“I’m sure you need something for your voice,” he chuckles, taking my silence for throat pain. “With all those screams in your set, I can imagine.” He claps his hands together and starts walking off down the hallway to my dressing room.

I follow him, still trying to wipe some of the sweat off my face.

“The crowd went nuts. Your popularity is through the roof. You’re doing it, Charming! You’ve made it big time!”

I’ll have part 2 up next week! Thanks for reading. 🙂

~ Kayla

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