Character Names – Ella and Brennan

It’s week three of NaNoWriMo! I actually hit 40,000 words two days ago, and I couldn’t be happier with my story. I’m super excited about my characters, and they’ve been a blast to write. Since I’ve had such a great time with them, today I thought I’d share a bit more about my main characters and tell the stories behind their names. Feel free to use these names, but remember, I did have them first! 😉

Ella is a name probably everyone has heard. It’s an English name, and according to, Ella comes from the Norman form of the Germanic name Alia. It’s also considered to be a variant of the baby name Ellen.

I’ve never known an Ella in real life, however, I do know of one from the movies. In Disney’s live-action Cinderella, Ella is Cinderella’s real name and she’s a sweet, kind-hearted girl despite serving her evil step-mother. My Cinderella’s real name is Ella Cinder, and the only trait she shares with Disney’s Cinderella is her name! Ella is sassy and sarcastic, and she always has to have the last word. She loves the attention she gets from being an Elite celebrity, and she has a bit of a temper that flares up at the worst times. She usually goes by just Ella, though her step-father called her Elle to irritate her. The only nickname Ella accepts is the one Charming, her boyfriend, gives her, which is Ellie.

Brennan is actually an Irish surname that is being used as a first name now. It can be either a guy or a girl’s name, but I prefer it for a guy. There are several different meanings to the name which range from “raven” to “sorrow.”

I didn’t choose the name for the meaning, however. Brennan is actually Charming’s middle name. His real name is Sahir Brennan Harb. The reason for such a odd middle name is that I wanted to include a nod to Brendon Urie, lead singer of Panic! At the Disco, who I partly based Charming’s voice and personality on. Also, since Charming gives Ella the nickname of Ellie, I wanted Ella to have a nickname to give him, and Brennan gave me an excuse to have Ella call him Bren.

What do you think of these names? If you’re doing NaNoWriMo this year, what are your character’s names? Tell me in the comments below! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla

One thought on “Character Names – Ella and Brennan

  1. Sassy Cinder is Sassy XD I really like the name Brennan! It’s very cool 😀

    As for my characters, we have Odessa the FMC who’s personality was inspired off of Disney’s Ariel (even though she looks more like Merida haha). She’s such a cutie pie and I just love her to death! Her name means Journey. Although that wasn’t the reason why I picked her name. I saw a town by Tampa Bay called Odessa and really wanted to name a character that and so my NaNo MC got the name 😀

    There’s my MMC who is called Unknown and he’s somewhat based off of me haha. I do give him a name later in the story, but I went ahead and kept him known as Unknown throughout most of the story to add to the mystery. Also, if I wanted a cool name and was hiding my real one, I’d totally go with a name like that XD

    I love writing scenes with them together because conversation flows so well. Odessa’s very trusting of him and just in awe of all the knowledge Unknown shares. Which is good for him since he loves sharing what he knows.

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