Character Names – Angelyn and Addison

About a month ago, I shared my main characters’ names, Ella and Brennan, from my NaNoWriMo novel, Ella’s Cinders. Today, I thought I’d share the names of my other two main characters, Ella’s mother and step-father. 🙂

Angelyn is an Greek girl’s name. It means “messenger of God” and more obviously, “angel.”

In my novel, Angelyn is the name of Ella’s mother. I chose the name because it sounded flowery and romantic, which fit Angelyn’s personality. She’s very romantic and caught up in her daydreams. She worked as a servant for Ella’s father, and they ended up falling in love and having Ella together. Everything seemed perfect until Angelyn discovered a secret about her lover that made her decide that she couldn’t raise Ella in his house. Angelyn ran away with Ella back to her hometown. She ended up marrying Addison Mal and having Ella’s two step-sisters. Angelyn also can’t form long-term memories, meaning that while she can remember what she’s doing at that moment, she can’t remember her own daughter’s name.

Addison is an English boy or girl’s name. It was originally a surname that meant “son of Adam.”

Addison Mal is Ella’s step-father. He loves his daughters, tolerates Angelyn, and despises Ella. He is a big, black-haired man, and he owns a bar and restaurant which he named Mal’s, after himself. Ella and he fight constantly, and he often leaves Ella with bruises.

What do you think of these two names? Would you use them on a character? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla

An Interesting Word – Serein

Imagine this: It’s a beautiful evening, and you’re outside, enjoying the cool weather. There’s not a cloud in the sky, and the sun is just about to sink below the horizon. The moment can’t be anymore picturesque. Just then, you feel a drop of water hit you. You look up, surprised, realizing that it’s now drizzling, despite the fact it’s a cloudless evening, You hurry inside as the rain continues to fall. Believe it or not, you just experienced serein.

Serein is the phenomenon where rain, especially a light, fine drizzle, seems to fall from a cloudless sky. It’s like a sunshower, where it rains when it’s sunny, except in the early evening. It’s pronounced “suh-ran”, just like the plastic cling wrap you cover food with.

The word serein comes from the French word serein meaning “serene” or “clear” just like what a serein night is. However, another possible origin for serein is the old French word serain which means “evening.”

Since it’s impossible for rain to fall from a cloudless sky, how does serein happen? Well, one possible explanation is if rain is falling nearby and there is a breeze, that wind can blow raindrops to where you are, making it seem like it’s raining without a cloud in the sky.

No matter where this word came from or what causes it, it’s a unique phenomenon. I couldn’t find a video of serein happening, but here’s one of a sunshower happening at the beach.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla