An Interesting Word – Foofaraw

This is a very strange word. It sounds funny, and it looks funny. I first saw the word on my favorite internet thesaurus (, after clicking on a slideshow called, “Seven Wacky Words Born in the USA.”

So, just what is a foofaraw? No, it’s not some strange exotic bird or an alien race from Star Trek. It actually has two different meanings. From the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, the first definition is “frills or flashy finery.” Definition number two is a little surprising, since foofaraw also means, “a disturbance or to-do over trifles.” In both cases it is used as a noun. The word seems to come from the Spanish word fanfarron, which means a braggart or a blusterer. Another possible source for the word is from the French word, frou -frou, which means frills.

A very interesting article about this word is found here:

I couldn’t find any great quotes containing the word foofaraw (I wasn’t too surprised). But please, no foofaraws about no quotes with foofaraw. I did find a video:

~ Kayla