Monthly Link Share – Cliches and Chapter Breaks

Welcome to January’s Monthly Link Share. Today I’m going to be sharing links that have helped me this past month. 🙂

From when to use clichés to how to turn them on their head, this article is really interesting and helpful in dealing with clichés in your writing.

Since I never divide my rough draft into chapters, a question I have to answer when I go back and edit is where to put the chapter breaks. This article gives some great advice as to where those breaks should be!

This article gives 25 tips that are relatively quick and easy to help improve your writing. Number 15 has some great ideas that I’d like to try next time I’m stuck.

I love movie soundtracks, and one day, when I was looking a song from Pirates of the Caribbean, I came across Taylor Davis’s cover of it. It turns out she is a violinist who does covers of movie, TV, and video game soundtracks, and I recognized a lot of my favorite songs from the Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, and the Hunger Games. If you haven’t seen any of her videos, check her out! 😀

Thanks for reading and clicking! 😉

~ Kayla

Monthly Link Share – How Not to Start

Today I’m sharing a couple of links I recently “dug up” in my internet favorites that have been helpful and interesting to me. Hopefully they will be to you as well!

This is an article about “13 Ways Not to Start a Novel.” I’m guilty of 7 and 12!

If you’re a dystopian writer or are just interested in the genre, then this is a great article to read! It’s a humorous list of how to write a clichĂ©d dystopian book. While very funny, it’s also useful to keep your dystopian story clichĂ© free.

This is an article about different types of writer’s block and how to solve them. I really enjoyed this article and found it very useful. I suffered from Novice Nerves. I think I’m over it now, but sometimes it comes sneaking back!

Warning: The following video really has nothing to do with writing (other than the fact that he is a published author). It has everything to do with drawing. When I’m not writing, I enjoy drawing quite a bit. I especially enjoy drawing manga, and I’ve found Mark Crilley to be incredibly helpful. He has a youtube channel and every Friday posts a video, usually a how to draw video. They’re step by step and narrated (Mr. Crilley is very funny and entertaining!), making it easy to follow along and draw with him. He usually does how to draw manga videos, but he’s also done a few animal and realistic videos as well. Here’s one of his time lapse videos:

~ Kayla