Interesting Word – Pataflafla

I have just returned from an epic quest! I was searching for an interesting word in the Enchanted Library of Knowledge (AKA Google). I looked through many lists, but nothing jumped out. Then, what luck! There, in front of me, was one of the most interesting words I’d ever seen: pataflafla!

What is a pataflafla? Technically, I’m not sure it’s even a word. It’s a descriptive name of a beat used in drumming. There are a lot of drumming websites that explain exactly what a pataflafla is. However, I’m not a musician, so all those technical terms were lost on me. So, to understand what a pataflafla is, I looked up a video of someone actually playing a pataflafla. It sounds pretty cool!

This type of drum beat was originally used by the French military, and then by the Swiss. What I found out is that a lot of these drumming rudiments’ names are based on how they sound, and pataflafla is no exception. According to, pataflafla got its name because “the first two strokes are singles (pa, ta) and the last two are flams (fla, fla), hence its name.”

Have you ever heard of this word? If so, comment below!

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla